Are you a pop culture pro, bursting with knowledge and ready to dish it out to your fellow fans? Ready to mingle with kindred spirits who geek out just like you? Got wild ideas for creating the ultimate fan extravaganza at the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo? Well, grab the mic and give us your pitch – let’s make some pop culture magic happen!

Things to know before you apply:

• Hurry, submissions are welcome until March 18, 2024!

• Craft a catchy panel title and description that tells attendees what to expect. You can use the additional information area for extra details.

• Only successful submissions will receive a golden ticket approximately 30 days before the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo.

• Keep it family-friendly! All content should be suitable for fans of all ages.

• Your spotlight lasts 45 minutes, so make it count!

• Assemble your dream team – you can have up to 4 panelists, including the moderator.

• The Community Stage comes ready with standard AV gear, including a projector/screen and 3-4 microphones.

• When you submit, you (or your chosen delegate) pledge to take the stage yourself; the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo cannot supply moderators.

• Celebs won’t be crashing your party – show guests cannot attend your session.

• We’re all for creativity, but purely self-promotional submissions won’t make the cut. However, you can reserve a spot in Artist Alley to flaunt your stuff!